New Website Underway for Tech Services Firm

I will leave this somewhat ambiguous for now but it is a project revived.  Boy do I need the work!  #TYVM  Onward! #newwebsite #newproject #webdevelopment #claytonmade

Square’s Marketplace Fees Are Same As Swiping Card

Researching for clients leads me to good things for all. If you use Square for credit card processing and can’t always swipe the card, set up your Marketplace store, add your items and have your customers purchase there. You’ll save a bunch! Rates for Square are currently: – 2.75% for swiped transactions, Square Wallet payments,…


Relax, breathe and be patient.

A nice inspiration for the week’s end. Happy Friday!

Loving Photoshop CC. Yep, I subscribed!

Some Photoshop fun with the Cloning Stamp tool.   Be gone extra people!  Ha!  Happy Sunday!

Tech appointment in Del Mar

Stunning day!


Steve Jobs – Cubism Style Illustration

I wish I knew who did this amazing yin/yang, young/old, cubism artwork of Steve Jobs.  I think it’s terrific!

Fossil Big Tic LCD Analog Wristwatch Comes Alive

A little walk down memory technology lane.  Kind of odd to have LCD and analog but I love the watch!  #Fossil makes some of my favorite #watches.  I believe this is circa 1999.  Enjoy!

clock sale

20% Sale EXTENDED – Ends Feb. 14 at Clayton-Made Web Development

Trying to get the word out…again.  We love our social channels but sometimes they go…offline?  Yep, that’s tech for you. Hope you’ll take advantage of the big sale.  There are Yelp deals, too!    


GoPro Wins An Emmy

  Amazing stuff by one #NickWoodman and his #GoPro creation and now, empire.  Not bad being a billionaire how about an #Emmy?  Congrats Mr. Woodman and all  the GoPro team!  

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